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Goals  If you are in broadcast programming or production, we want to take as much pressure off of your workload as we possibly can.  We spend countless hours creating just the right sounds to make your work cut through. We're also spending more and more time implementing new ways to organize the sounds to make them even faster and easier to use in the production studio. 

Greatest Challenge  New technology doesn't produce great promos and sweepers... people do... creative talent with the right tools.  Radio profits from great imaging people at the local level.  Right now, with few exceptions, the person in the production studio is just trying to survive their daily workload and deadlines.  We work hard to create the tools to make your day more efficient... and more fun. 

Thousands of radio stations around the world have used one of Rick Allen Creative’s broadcast imaging libraries to create great sonic branding.  Powerful tools for creative broadcasters to make their product stand out.

Absolute Imaging is a web-based radio imaging library that boasts over 16,000 sound files. 

Broadcast DNA is a royalty-free buyout audio branding library for local television station.

Spot Me is a web-based commercial spec spot collection designed to easily increase a radio station revenue and polish the quality of their stop-sets.

Spot On is a royalty-free buyout commercial music library of music beds and effects.

Hot Retro Volumes 1 and 2 are royalty-free buyout libraries for branding a radio station with an authentic 80’s and 90’s feel.

Toy Time Tunes is a collection of novelty music tracks perfect for commercials or morning show parodies and it's currently one of our Freebies.

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