At Rick Allen Creative we are passionate about developing unique and original audio collections for sound designers, sound editors and composers. We work hard to produce the sound-tools you can use to create award-winning audio for film, radio, TV, video, advertising, web development and gaming.

Rick Allen Sound Design

Rick Allen’s sounds and music have been licensed by hundreds of production facilities internationally. His sounds have been heard in movie trailers, network TV shows, major video games. His award-winning work in sound design has grabbed the attention of millions around the world.

Trailer Music

His credits include projects for Disney, Sony Pictures, HBO, CBS, American Express, Cartoon Network, Nike, Starz Network, The United Nations, MasterCard, Hewlett Packard, Target, LogiTech and Coca-Cola. He created the sounds for Sample Logic’s innovative software instrument, Assault. An instrument that top Hollywood film composer, Harry Gregson-Williams called “A relentless tornado of industrial brutality, beauty and chaos...”  Rick’s sounds were utilized in Grand Theft Auto V and the promotional launch of the iHeart Radio Festival. Over the years, Rick's audio has branded broadcast stations worldwide including KIIS FM, Power 106 in LA, Hot 97, WPLJ in New York, Capital FM in the UK, RTL in Germany, FM Tokyo in Japan and hundreds more. He has received gold and platinum records from major labels for his editing and remixing.

He is sharply focused on creating sounds that, in a unique way, are designed to cut through the clutter and get noticed… rooted in organic sounds manipulated with an extensive array of cutting-edge technology.  You can sense Rick’s excitement and passion as he talks about his work: “I’ve done a lot of crazy things while recording raw audio to use in creating new sound design elements. I’ve set fire to a guitar in the middle of the desert with a flame-thrower, I’ve climbed a mile into an underground cave in total darkness to record unique reverb sounds. I’ve shattered over 300 liquor bottles at one time to capture the sound of breaking glass impacts (I must admit emptying over 300 liquor bottles was even more fun than breaking them). I’ve climbed under huge heavy construction equipment that was operating in 110-degree heat to record their roaring engines and gears. I’ve recorded an acetylene tank that had been cut in half and stuffed with gun powder and diesel fuel, a bowling ball dropped into it and a fuse lit. Recording that huge explosion of the bowling ball being launched 300 feet in the air was a blast… literally.”

Sound effects

Rick Allen thinks outside the box and hears the world differently.  His sound design elements can make your projects stand out in today’s over-messaged world. For more fun stories about Rick and his adventures in sound design and sound effects...

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