PotsnPans900x600.jpgMorphing Pots and Pans into Powerful Pows

No big whoop - just as a little self-challenge – I recorded my wife putting away some pots and pans in the kitchen after breakfast (It was my excuse not to help).

Once in the studio. I took a short sound file of pots and pans clanking together and loaded them into Pro Tools (Sound file A in the picture).

I wanted to create a cinematic-style impact from scratch simply using the original sound file from the kitchen. Duplicating that sound file and then using reverb, EQ, changing the sample rate, editing, reversing and limiting it on five tracks. The result sounds a bit different than the original sound. (Sound file B in the picture)

It took less than 60 seconds and it was fun to create something from a simple and purely organic piece of audio.

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